Residential Trash Service

We provide once a week garbage pick-up to the cities of Shawnee & Merriam, Kansas.

Please call 913-441-5400 to get your service started!

CARTS: Shawnee customers will be provided a trash cart to use for your residential trash.  We ask that you use this as your primary household container.
If you live in Merriam Kansas: you may use your own container or place out bags.  We will pick up 65 gallons of trash each week.  (approx five - 13 gal bags each week)  Any additional bags will require overage stickers.
If you live in Shawnee Kansas:  All of your garbage must fit in the one cart A-1 provides you.  If you have more garbage than fits in the cart, you will need to call A-1 and purchase additional bag stickers.  This is in compliance with the City of Shawnee's new Trash/Recycling Ordinance.
Please put tied bags of trash in the cart (not loose).  This keeps the carts clean and prevents trash from blowing around on windy days as they are being emptied.
Carts need to be out at the curb by 7 a.m. on your trash day or the night before.  Please place on the corner of your driveway, handles and wheels facing your house with the lids shut.  Carts will be put back on the corner in an upright position.

Yard Waste Removal: This is an optional service and will only be added to your account if you contact us.   We will require all yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings, etc. to be placed in biodegradable paper bags.  These are available for you to purchase at most retail stores.   You may still bundle limbs, we ask that they are kept 4 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter.

-6 yard waste bags/bundles weekly:  April - September

10 yard waste bags/bundles weekly:  October - December

**During the months of January, February, & March NO Yard waste will be collected**

LARGE & BULKY ITEMS: We are happy to inform you that A-1 can help you dispose of large and bulky items at a reasonable price.  Please call the office to schedule these special pick-ups.

HAZARDOUS WASTE:  The following items are considered hazardous waste and we cannot dispose of them:  Paint, motor oil, batteries, pesticides etc. For information on how you can properly dispose of these items please call the Johnson County Environmental Dept.   913-715-6900.

BILLING: We bill every quarter.   You have the option of paying with check, money order or credit card.  On the back of each bill is the option of paying for this current bill or to sign up for our auto pay program with a credit or debit card.  You may also call the office to make phone payments using a Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

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